Friday, December 22, 2006

The Other Side of Christmas... for some

Papa Noel
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For those in the cheerful spirit of Christmas, DO NOT READ THIS. Don’t say I did not warn you.


She knows Christmas is the time to be merry,
to sing,
to dance,
to be friendly,
to give and receive gifts,
to listen,
to eat,
to laugh,
to jump,
to squeal,
to smell hot chocolate,
to decorate,
to read under the christmas tree,
to stare at hypnotic candlelights,
to believe in wishes,
to be excited,
to hang socks and misletoes,
to watch cartoons,
to play,
to believe in fairies,
to wait for Santa (even though you're not a kid anymore),
to tell stories,
to have more photos,
to visit friends,
to be with family
to believe in miracles.

And yet,
she has lost her voice to sing,
she does not feel her legs to dance,
strangers are too suspicious to be friendly with,
she does not receive gifts,
there is no music for her ears,
no appetite to eat,
no smile on her lips,
no strength to jump,
no urge to squeal,
no chocolate for a drink,
no decorations to put up,
no new story to read,
feels stupid to look at candlelights,
no wish to be granted,
no excitement to feel,
no socks and misletoes to hang,
no cartoons to feel like a kid again,
no playmate,
no fairy tale to go back to,
no Santa to stay up for,
no stories to share,
no photos to be in,
no friends to be with,
no family to share with,
no sense to be celebrating, for wishes can be useless.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Unreaching Pair

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The light from the lampshade shines on her like a spotlight.

It is time for the Sun to set.

Steadily, the Sky colors with different hues. Day is giving passage to night. Moon and Sun could see each other from their corners in the heavens.

Only for a while will they see each other, face to face, before the solemn night takes the place of majestic day.

It has always been a glorious spectacle when the heavenly bodies reach for that time to worship, to meet, to bask on each others glory.

The Sun always promises vibrant life, continously shines grace, always a witness to all activities on earth, the Father to everything that lives. To him, his protective sight binds everyone to work together.

The Moon guides the line to love. It is the time when lovers speak of whispered promises, when stars are given the chance to twinkle, when sounds cease to exist to give unsaid words a chance to be heard. The Moon attests to the truth of emotions. Under her embrace does secrets come into her gentle light.

With the Moon, hidden love is given the chance to expose all that is needed to be seen in order to make the world see how busy it is to not see what is most precious.

Over her head, the Moon and Sun are aligned. Only a few more minutes then the Moon will have dominance over the waiting Sky.

She starts to walk towards the setting Sun. She never grows tired seeing it. If only coming closer to it promises basking in its soft, glorious radiance a little longer, she is willing to walk forever.

Then he suddenly appears, looking very handsome and strong in casual shirt and jeans. His back is towards her but he feels her presence and turns.

It never fails, his sad smile makes her smile in return. He walks towards her.

"Rough day?" she asks.

He shrugs, sweeping imaginary dirt from his sleeves. "The usual."

"That's good."

Silence reigns but it isn't bad. Being friends forever, words are not needed to express. Their eyes, their posture, the way their heads tilt, both know the meaning of every movement and how to react.

But Time is of essence and works against all earthly ways.

"Well I have to go. I'm needed."

She opened her white parasol she has been carrying. The breeze comes, swaying her white dress and making some leaves fall down from trees.

He unexpectedly takes her white hand and kisses its back courteously.

"Till the sunrise Princess. I'll always be waiting."

The breeze picks up. He lets go as she floats away, holding on her parasol.

She floats to the sky, to take her position as heavenly mother, to give comforting solace and embrace to everyone on Earth.

The Sun has disappeared.

He looks at where she stood a while ago. His Princess is up in the sky. He will watch her take her walk across the horizon until the time night meets day, and they could meet again, before he takes his place in the Sky.

As the law of the cosmos had decreed.

~ Inspired from the song "Sun & Moon" of Ms. Saigon

Watch and hear the song here. Absolutely beautiful!

Song: Sun And Moon Lyrics
You are sunlight and I moon
Joined by the gods of fortune
Midnight and high noon
Sharing the sky
We have been blessed, you and I

You are here like a mystery
I'm from a world that's so different
From all that you are
How in the light of one night
Did we come so far?

Outside day starts to dawn

Your moon still floats on high

The birds awake

The stars shine too

My hands still shake

I reach for you

And we meet in the sky!

You are sunlight and I moon
Joined here
Bright'ning the sky
With the flame
Of love

Made of

Tomorrow will be the full moon
I can bring friends to bless our room
With paper unicorns and perfume
If you want me to

Unicorns? sure. . .

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Meaning of Fate's Play

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She has been wondering, what fate truly does to human lives.

Is it Fate that bonds lives? Create friendships? Relationships? More lives?

What does life play in accordance to the laws of the cosmos?

What did her past hide, even from herself? What did her present give to the society?
What does her future hold for her?


The door opens, in pokes her mother's head.

"Are you ready? We don't want to be late."

"Yes mom," she murmured.

Sitting at the airport bench, sipping on her fruits soda, her eyes kept shifting, unconsciously observing people walking past her.


She willed herself to look at the person beside her. She smiled and offered her soda.

He took it and sipped softly, leaning back on the bench and casually swung an arm behind her.

He offered her soda back.

"You know you should lay off the sweet drinks. You're getting fat." He grinned.

She swiped her soda back. "Bastard", she muttered and went back on observing.

They sat in comfortable silence, testament of years of togetherness, quietly aware of the other's presence.

Friends since high school, they guarded each other's back as intense as siblings, as fierce as lovers, as bonded as couples. Together, they became a team. Partners.

But they were just friends. And to both of them, it is the most important thing there is.

They each had troubles, had relationships, and had their lives to live. But they were still able to remember the other as another part of themselves, as twins sharing an unseen bond.

Time had flown to fast.

Fate has started its twisted game.

By the waiting aisle, two families are taking in a few moments of conversation. Hugs, kisses, a few tears.

She was speechless. He was looking everywhere but at her.

She grasped his hands. Held them tight.

"Promise me? You'll write often? You'll miss me?" She smiled, willing tears away.

"Heh... of course. I won't have anyone to tease anymore."

She bonked him gently on the head with a fist.

"Moron", she laughed softly.

Her laugh cut short when he pulled her to a tight embrace.

He pulled her tight against him. Smelling her hair, feeling her fast heartbeat, memorizing the feel of her before the dreaded time came.

He whispered on her ear. Her eyes widened, then he let go. His hands sliding down her from her shoulders, down her biceps, her lower arms, over her wrists, her hands and finally over her fingertips, when all contact finally ceased.

She waved to the airplane.

Fate has won the game.

But Fate has not seen a trap woven when it has turned its eyes away to glory in its victory.

A promise had been made. A promise worth a thousand promises.

Goodbyes left an ache.

But what is the true meaning of goodbye?

Goodbyes will not be given a chance to rear its ugly head.

The recent goodbye held a promise. One she will keep. One she will endure.

"I will do my best for you too." She whispered, imprinting the airplane's flight in her head. One day, it will come back with that one person she holds dear.

The future has finally opened itself to her. Her past and present does not affect her much now.

What is important is her courage for the future.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Other World

He's late!

She tapped her new silver sandals impatiently against the polished floor of the cafe. Pulling back the billowing sleeve of her mid-riff kimono like top to check her watch for the hundredth time, she groaned impatience.

The cappucino had gone cold, her crankiness growing as she snubbed all those strangers who wanted to talk to her.

He suddenly appeared beside her, topless and somehow muscled compared to before.

"What took you so long?" she almost screamed when he merely smiled and gave her a friendly hug.

"Sorry about that. The kids were at it again. Couldn't just leave them alone."

"Oh well," she sighed, knowing there was no way to be angry at a man, whose devotion to kids is amazing. He is a teacher afterall. "So you discovered any new scene to explore?"

"Well there are a few. Great places to take photographs in."

"Well bring it on!" She punched the air with a fist.

*dissolve dissolve morph*

"Gaaaaaaaah!" she shrieked when she stumbled and landed hard on a dusty floor. "Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed, noticing the pile of coffins surrounding the dusty room. "Wow! Are we in a crypt?"

"We are", a voice from above replied. She looked up to see him dangling upside down from the ceiling like a bat. "Come join me up here", he laughed while swaying his body.

"Nah. I'll try this first." She lay down inside a coffin and crossed her arms like a mummy. "Hmm. So this is what it feels like to be dead." She climbed out and took his offered hand. "You should try it."

"Nah." He brought a hand up to caress her left cheek. "I think you look pretty pretending to be dead."

They both laughed from that.

*dissolve dissolve morph*

"Yahoo! I'm flying!" She spread her arms wide while he manuevered a giant bird beside her. The clouds below them were snowy white and the stars filled the night sky above.

"Haha!" He patted the place behind him. "Why don't you sit behind me and try to ride this bird?"

"Maybe next time." She flew towards the bird's tail and tried to pluck a feather.

The bird screeched and almost shook its passenger off if he had not given a hard tug on the reins.

"Okay, that's it!" He let go of the rains and flew to where she was. He dragged and settled her on the bird. He sat behind her and reached over the reins.

"Now, behave."

"Yes daddy", she giggled and leaned back on him and enjoyed the ride.

*dissolve dissolve morph*

"Ooooh, great swimming place!" she exclaimed, feeling the soft sand beneath her feet while eyeing the palm trees scattered in the area.

"I don't know about you, but I'm to relax". He lay back on the sand and pulled down his shades from his head to cover his eyes.

She changed into her swimsuit and dived into the clear, cool waters. Lazily floating, she felt the sun on her face.

*dissolve dissolve morph*

"Hey! I wasn't finished there!" she pouted. Who wouldn't feel irritated when abruptly disturbed from a lazy rest on a perfect beach?

"Don't worry, this place will make up for it." He gently placed strong hands on her shoulders to turn her around.

"Nice!" she clapped her hands.

They were beside a pool where a small table was set overlooking the sea. It was already sunset, casting soft radiance everywhere.

He dived into pool, gracefully swimming from one end to another, firm muscles moving in composed synchrony. She took a tall glass of silver wine from the table, sat on the pool's edge and dangled her legs.

He came up in front of her, crossed his arms over her lap and placed his head on them. "So you like this scene?" he inquired, water trickled down his face.

She smiled and offered her glass to him.

*dissolve dissolve morph*

So many blinding lights, loud music, and people bumped to each other on the dance floor. It was a night of partying, a time to let go.

They were both dressed at their best, dancing the night away, letting go of all inhibitions. Becoming one with the night and the music. Twirling, swaying, rocking in the spotlight for the whole world to see two individuals having no care of the future but of the present and of each other.

On the stage is a known band rocking the house down with their extra-ordinary tune. On one end of the club were pole-dancers having the time of their life. In the area of the giant jacuzzi, people took advantage of the restful water to sooth dance-driven bodies while snuggling with their companions.

The music ended. The crowd yelled for more. She laughed as they made their way to the bar. "That was absolutely great!"

"Glad you like it here." He ordered drinks for both of them. "After this, you still want to go somewhere else?"

"I would like to but I'm pooped." She leaned on him, resting her head on his shoulder. "Maybe next time. As of the moment I just want to rest."

"And I know the place for that," he said.

*dissolve dissolve morph*

She landed on something soft and comfortable. She pulled herself up to take a look around.

She found herself inside a condominium. She discovered a spacious kitchen, a jacuzzi, a music room, a huge platform TV, and a view overlooking the city. She was so mesmerized with the view she gave a loud gasp when she felt herself lifted and placed on a broad shoulder and being carted off somewhere.

She was taken into a shower. He gently placed her down but immediately pushed her back on the bathroom walls and placed both hands on both sides of her head to trap her.

He gave a satisfying smile. "Do you think you still want to rest?"

She smiled back. "I thought about it but I guess rest has to wait."

He reached for the knob. Water came down on them, drenching them both as they smiled to each other.

"Well then, I guess this is how the day ends," he whispered as his face slowly moved towards hers.

*dissolve dissolve ... huh?*

"Hey! Why are we here again?!" he exclaimed, his brows knitted in annoyance.

She took a sip of her cold cappucino. "Well you were late. You deserve it."

She burst out laughing seeing his irritation. "Oh c'mon," she went over to him to give him a bear hug. "Today was great, I enjoyed it a lot." She kissed his cheek. "Let's do this again next time okay? I have some homework to do."

He couldn't help but smile. Seeing her happy was enough. He hugged her back. "Next time."

*dissolve dissolve disconnect*

She stretched her arms over her head and smiled.

Another great exploration in the chatroom.


The idea came from IMVU, the first 3D messenger online. I have used and explored it for how many months and I absolutely love it!

It's still under development, as new features are continously added to it but the interaction one gets from 3D avatars together with its many action options, showing more emotions online (besides usage of smilies) is emphasized more.

This entry came to me upon remembering scenes I have gone to in IMVU. As for the characters, what can I say? I love tasteful and teasing romance. LOL

Nah, I'm not really a writer so I'm not confident if this entry even gave that hint of naughtiness I wanted. But at least I tried. ^_^

Well, got to go back to the real world. But I am missing IMVU right now, so I think I'll login there soon. ^_^

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mermaid in my bedroom

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The door is locked.

The hinges couldn't be moved. The knob frozen. The floor slippery.

She went down on her stomach to crawl towards her bed and grasped the bedsheets to climb herself up.

On the bed, she looked down and noticed the ice melting to water, swirling in their own cryptic movement. Ice turned to tears as a sorrowful goodbye to winter and as spring enters the world.

She reaches forward to playfully thread water through her fingers. Water rippled and a rhythmic melody started to waft around the enchanting lagoon. A string of invisible strings lulled the enchanted creature to a relaxing state and...

Knock Knock Knock.

The lagoon shimmered until the water, the music, the ice vanished and left a charming feeling of pure magic.

"Its time to go down. Dinner is waiting", the deep voice announced from the other side of the door.

"Coming!" Footsteps shuffled away and she rolled over the bed to stare at her plain white ceiling.

She saw the sun shimmering across the water surface. She felt her hair waving across her face when slow currents embrace her.

She swam her way down to the palace beneath the ocean waves to dine with her family in her beautiful place by the sea.


As long as I can remember, I held a fascination over mermaids. I would wind the mosquito net around my legs and pretend that it transformed into a tail. I would crawl around my parent's room swingling my 'tail' up and around as if fins were attached to them.

I have loved any stories regarding mermaids, even if some relates to too many negative connotations about them. I'll try to relate a few:

1. Mermaids don't have souls. They live for 300 years but when they die they turn into sea foam. ~ From Little Mermaid of Anderson Fairy Tales
2. Mermaids are 'cold-hearted' in the sense that they can't love or feel any warm emotions. ~ 'Charmed series' (I'm not sure if my words are right. If anyone knows the correct wording or the correct meaning, please tell me so. Thank you. ^^)
3. Mermaids care for a member of a younger generation to eat them one day. The young woman is of great beauty, that eating her 'meat' would make those of older generations young and beautiful again. ~ Mermaid Saga
4. A mortal who eats a mermaid's meat is bound to any of these two curses; (1) turn into a monster and eventually be killed from poison (2) be an immortal. Whether the mortal is killed, buried alive, shot, etc. he will still live but will feel the pain. ~ Mermaid's Saga

There are still other infos about mermaids but I have forgotten some of them.

Whether mermaids are good or bad is not of much importance to me. They hold a poowerful mysterious place among legends and legends are the stories reminding us of eccentricities in life which of may not exist but is accepted at most part of the world.

Mermaids hold a certain symbolism for each generation that roamed the earth. Whatever those meanings hold, as long as children listen to fairy tales, as long as elders continue to relate them to the new generations, mermaids will come to each and everyone's childhood dreams... and remind everyone that once upon a time, there was a kingdom by the sea...

Sunday, December 10, 2006


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It was a dare. She has togo all the way and exit from the other side to get out from this new carnival attraction.

From outside it looked like an Aztec horror house, a gigantic tomb-like structure with torches eerily illuminating each of its pyramid steps.

While outside, she had the notion of endless stairs in its interior. Tasks includes of climbing upwards until she reaches the top and at the same time, dodging carnival employees dressed as monsters and ghosts.

Contrary to norm, the interior of the first floor is brightly lit not with torches but flourescent lamps on tables beside each door. Each lamp is of antique design, of gold, bronze and gold colors. Each having its own cultural edifice, depicting its place of mysterious origin.

There were no stairs. There was no top floor to explore. She turned to the green door at her right, which had a simple rose insignia at the front. She opened it and inside was a green, lush landscape with sunny atmosphere to make perfect place to relax under the comforting rays of the sun.

She strolled over the nearest hill and sat down on the soft grass. Turning her face to the clear sky, she thought she heard soft, melodious pipes wafting around her.

She was so lulled with peace, she would have layed down and slept if she had not opened her eyes and saw a great shadow creeping from afar.

The whole shadow covered the landscape. It slowly devoured on everything. The hills, the grass, the trees. The sky followed steadily in being devoured by darkness.

She stood up and ran back to the door. A final look revealed the hill she sat on finally swallowed and only a swirling mass akin to a black hole was left as the door slowly closed on its own.

Stepping back she noticed a small onyx on the table beside the antique lamp. She took it and placed it in her pocket.

A bit frigtened, she moved to the next door made of brass with a wreath of laurel leaves hanging on front.

Before she even touched the knob, the door creaked open on itself and revealed a huge, well-lit library, with books as walls reaching a ceiling twenty feet of the ground. And more collections on a second floor with similar heights and volume. There were ladders situated in every bookcase to climb on.

Being a bookworm, seeing a library that could pass on as a part of a palace made her fall in love with the place.

She climbed the nearest ladder and plucked a thick black book of the shelf. The book had gold trimmings on its edges, trimmings shaped as fishes and shells and other sea creatures she couldn't name.

She sat down on a couch nearby, and opened a chapter. There were mysterious writings on the left page, writings she couldn't deciper its origin but on the right were readable in her language.

It started with a story of a mermaid falling in love with a Prince of the Wind Gales. Coming from two different worlds, the lovers were doomed not to be together. At the end, they each went their separate ways and lived their life according to what was expected of them.

But the time came when the loneliness in their hearts were too much to bear. Mermaids, though they live longer than any creature on earth, opted to have her life taken when she heard her Prince had died.

She left her home and family and swam for many days across the sea, through rivers and streams until she reached her destination. The top of a waterfall.

There, at the night of a full moon, she perched on a sharp rock and sang sorrowful melodies from the bottom of her heart.

The water heard her song and it splashed and danced and made small waves towards shores. It was a time of embrace for a mermaid has made a decision.

As the moon took its peak at the night sky, the mermaid lifted her white arms and dived down the waterfall where huge, sharp rocks awaited her descent.

It is a legend of love. The waters were aware of it and in mourn for her, tidal waves washed over nearby towns, nearly destroying everything. And the waves were made worse when strong winds came to accompany its sorrow, as they carried the heartsong made by Prince for his beloved mermaid.

She was so absorbed in the story, she didn't notice water soaking the carpeted floor until she felt her sneakers getting soaked.

She felt a slight tremble around her and books suddenly erupted everywhere as water filled the room in strong currents before she could blink.

Letting go of the book, she splashed her way to the door, but lost her footing and tumbled underwater.

She tried to get up but the water was already way over her head. Books,cushions, tables floated around her as she swam hard to reach the surface but she was loosing her breath and her eyes started to close, her body loosing motion.

She landed on something hard and realized she landed on the hallway as the brass door closed on its own. She gradually stood and noticed she wasn't even wet and noticed water trickling beneath the door.

A brilliance caught her eye and noticed a sapphire stone on the table beside the brass door. The lamp beside it illuminated its blue magnificence as she reached it and placed it in her pocket.

She moved to the next door, this time a simple white door with cherry blossom prints on it. She went in and found a room with pink walls and stuffed toys scattered everywhere. Moonlight beam streamed across the room and landed on a small figure on the bed.

Inching closer, she saw a small girl peacefully sleeping with a smile on her face, probably dreaming of candies and unicorns and toothfairies.

She could just watch the small girl for a long time but she heard footsteps coming. She looked around and decided to hide in a big closet.

Slightly leaving a crack on the closet to peek, she noticed a little boy silently creeping towards the sleeping girl. Standing by her bedside, he reached over to pull the covers more comfortably around the girl then kneeled and with his head on his face, stared at the sleeping face.

In the closet, she couldn't help but smile. The boy could be a brother, a cousin or a friend. Whatever the case maybe, the little boy's face showed devotion even at such a young age. She couldn't help but wonder if love could start at an early time.

Rain suddenly came and drops landed on the glass windows. Thunder clapped. Still asleep, the girl squirmed under the covers, fear evident on her face.

That was when she realized, the boy suddenly had changed. He had grown into a man and soothingly caressed the girl's hair. Longing and love was on his face and remained kneeling beside the bed, always watching his sleeping companion.

For some reason, his face was familiar. She tried hard to remember as she leaned back inside the closet when it suddenly opened and she landed on her back the hallway again.

The door closed on its own but she saw a glimpse of the man kissing the girl's forehead. The little girl had grown into a woman with a very familiar face.

Pulling herself up, she stood to notice this time a diamond on the table.

Bringing out the other stones, she observed them side by side on her palm. Each with its own beauty yet harmoniously blending with the other to create an exquisite, unifying elegance.

A door creaked nearby and bright light shone. She placed all stones in her pocket and went through to find herself outside the structure and her friends waiting outside.

She ran to them and with a final look at the structure, wondered what happened.


I'm not sure why I wrote this. I was thinking of having a story about dreams when I ended up having a mysterious carnival story. Really weird. ^_^

While writing I had visuals in my head though I didn't have any particular meaning associated with them. I wanted a story, regardless if it came out ugly, I just wanted my visions out.

As I finished the story above and was able to chug down a glass of orange juice, I returned to my Palm (yes, I'm typing this on a Palm. Imagine my small monitor ^^), it is at the end I am able to capture or at least place a meaning to my visions. ^^

First is of the landscape getting devoured by darkness door. I grew up believing that everything happens for a reason. You failed a test, you didn't pass the cheerleading auditions, you didn't get the gift that you want and so on.

But life can play a mean game and it dumps a lot of unfair gifts on your doorstep when it feels like it.

It is best to be prepared for anything that could shake your comfort zone. You may not fully accept the consequences, but to be aware of it is the best means to build a strong character and to avoid geting steeped into depression.

For me, its not the unfairness of life that makes people suffer. Depression does. Depression can make people a lot of stupid things like drinking senseless, probably starve themselves to death, hurt other people etc.

It is a dangerous thing but depression is an enemy lurking in every corner of our soul. The faster we deal with it the better we can run and deal with our lives.

Second, the flooded room.

Knowledge is everything. I wouldn't fight you on that. But there are more important parts of life that education couldn't teach. And that is how to be happy, how to make decisions, how to live life, how to fall in love, how to survive and so on and so forth. These maybe trivial and cliche sayings, but they aren't accepted from generation to generation without a reason. And it would be best if everyone remembers it, including me *ties a string on finger*.

Last, the room with the two kids.

As the saying goes, love comes when you least expect it. Though I am not the best person to talk to regarding this issues, it does not drum out the romantic in me. ^^ Haha. Aren't everyone wondering why I am so into romantic stories? ^_^

So there! Whew! I never wrote for something this long on my own free will! *wince* But I feel good about it and I will continue to write in this blog of visions I get in my head when the mood strikes. ^^

These are my interpretations though and I'm sure others got a different explanation on them. Feel free to share them here. ^^

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Quiet Love

Quiet Love
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Sunny Saturday morning. Bright skies, white fluffy clouds, bright sunlight, cool breeze, calming chimes.

She already did all the chores. What was left to do was cook for lunch but it was still too early. While working, she remembered a dream she had a long time ago, probably two years past.

The night before she received bad news regarding her mother. No, she did not die.

Her parents separated May of this year and she rarely saw her mother then.

They texted and called each other occasionally, but recently she didn't get to hear anything from her mother. Even when she texted her, there was no reply.

She thought her mom is probably busy making a life on her own so she didn't thought much on it. She understands her mom needed time for herself.

The news she received made the possibility of not seeing or hearing anything from her mother possible. She went numb but she didn't cry.

Somehow, she knew this day would come. And it did. She was prepared... but not for the numbness.

While waxing the floor, she saw a gloomy, empty road in her minds eye. Walking a long stretch of grey roads, with shadow less unmoving trees and lamp posts rigid in attention, the sky became covered with smoked clouds, turning and twisting in succession.

A truck wheezed by and she turned in curiosity, as anyone would to stare at anything in motion besides herself in an empty world. There, at the back of the truck, she saw a couple of teen-agers talking excitedly with each other.

And with them was her mom, nearest to the open door, listening half-attentively to her companions, tightly clutching a big green backpack.

She turned and ran, trying to chase a truck. "Mama! Mama!" Arms stretched, she had the notion she could catch her mother that way.

"Mama! Mama!"

Her mother probably heard her for she looked at the road, and saw her daughter chasing the truck.

"Mama! Mama!"

But the mother did not do anything. She simply stared with a solemn face and nodded, simply acknowledging.

"Mama! Mama!"

And too soon the truck was but a speck on the long gloomy road and the girl stopped chasing.

She waved. Waved to her mother, whom she had no idea where is headed.

The clouds continued to swirl in the sky. No sound, no wind, nothing embraced her in the solitude she has at that moment.

Physical exhaustion does wonders for hyped emotions. She continued waxing the floor until her head had nothing but dedication to her work.

Her mind continued to do so when she defrosted the refrigerator, cleaned the house, swept the dried leaves from the garden, washed the clothes and now, while dicing the onions for lunch.

At the background is the television showing a Disney MTV. She drowns herself to the work, to the music, to the breeze that wafted through the open kitchen window.

She placed her knife down, and went out for a moment to simply turn her face to the sunlight.

'Mama, please be okay.'