Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Is it okay...?

Do you think it would be alright
if I crouch behind the bushes
and weep in calm might
with the crickets glowing
owls croaking
water in the pond rippling
blood gushing across pale skin.
Need I tell more
of the blood
with all life, joy, hope, flow away in one direction
away from its birth
away from its master
away from source of existence.
No, you do not know
nor do I know
how much pain you feel
when you get to be alone.
But I tell you one thing
there is no way
I could be healed
from the loneliness
that I have been forced
to be in
for my conscience wouldn't be able to take it
to leave loneliness...
the only constant companion
I ever had.
Now is the matter of survival
It is the most important thing.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mirror mirror on the wall

Conniving mysteries, hundreds of little windows, unseen eyes making its route all over the room. Is it real or merely a feeling from imagination?

No. There had been moments of denial, but seeing is believing and believing is when curiousity needs to learn more. Then action takes its course without often thinking. A dangerous game sometimes, but being in it has its merit of fun in a human life.

Dong… dong… dong…

The grandfather clock downstairs has woken from its hourly slumber. She ignores the unearthly sound, used to its deep song of melancholic loneliness in the hallway.
It is the hour of reckoning. A time for another journey, another breathtaking spectacle, another timeline of fate’s unknown fabrication.

Moonlight streaked from the tall veranda windows. Soft rays glistened the full length mirror in the room, its intricate gold frame shining, seeming to move, gaining a life of its own.
To anyone who looks, a simple mirror it is, sharply telling the truth of anyone who looks on it.
But to the black haired beauty, the mirror, given to her as a gift by her late beloved grandmother, holds a lot of memories, tales and legends her grandmother told her as a very inquisitive child.

Only to find out, most of her grandmother’s tales were true.

She touches the mirror’s surface. It ripples. As the ripples reached the frame, a different face from her own smiles back at her. The strong face of a handsome man beckons as she feels the mirror’s surface grow warm and long, strong fingers twines with hers.

She is being pulled towards the mirror, the surface absorbing her as she steps into it.
Time of freedom. Time of redemption. Time to be herself, away from her reality. An escape from the redundancy of her life.

The ripples ceased. The grandfather clock has stopped its tune, the last note hangs heavily in the air, waiting for a breath to soften its overwhelming presence in the house.

When will she come back? Will she even come back? Only time will tell if she will.